iT HAS A GOddamn name. by amanda.

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all of these demon!dean gifs are super cute and i’m not pointing the finger at anybody here but i know (in the past, in my experience) the people who “make” them have a tendency to just steal gifs from other people w/o permission and edit in some black eyes.

so, like, here’s a reminder to not do that! make sure u all make your own gifs or ask the person who originally made the gif if you can demonize~ it, and then give proper credit where credit is due (preferably in the caption where everybody can see it :3)

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Anonymous asked:
where do you get topaz denoise from? :) thanks

i don’t know, sorry! 

Anonymous asked:
Would you happen to have a gifset from the fourteenth episode of season one? Specifically the scene where Max shoots himself?

i don’t think i have any from that ep, no. and i’m also not super into making gifs like that, either. sorry!

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Anonymous asked:
i'm searching for a dean and sam picture/draw where they just fuck and sam is wearing some blue panties please help me find it and sorry for bothering you with that

for some reason i think i know which one you’re talking about but i can’t for the life of me find you a link :(